The GSS Wi-Fi Interceptor
The GSS Wi-Fi interceptor is a unique Wi-FI Interceptor and advanced field monitoring system that enables independent data interception of Wi-Fi communications.

The GSS WiFi Interceptor taps target wireless communication at access points as well as between wireless users (point-to-point). The system intercepts the wireless signals and captures target data.

The GSS Wi-Fi Interceptor supports an integrated WEP key recovery process in the case that a Wi-Fi network is encrypted, without losing any intercepted data.

System Description
Below are descriptions of the information flow of various implementations of Wi-Fi Interceptor.

Tactical Implementation
The following describes the information flow of Wi-FI Interceptor in a typical tactical implementation:

1 Scanning
- scans all Wi-Fi channels in a specific area to locate all access points and wireless stations. During scanning, predefined targets are identified and displayed if present on the monitored area.

2 Encryption Recovery
- When required, the integrated WEP key recovery process recovers all types of WEP encryptions without losing intercepted data.

3 Collection
- supports two main modes of data collection.
- Target Based - collecting data of specific targets according to an IP address, MAC address or any unique textual criteria, such as user name or email address.
- Centric based - collecting all the wireless data of a specific channel.

4 Decoding
- data is captured locally on the system storage and a high performance decoding module pulls the data, decodes it and presents in its original form as viewed by the target. The decoding is performed by an integrated data decoding server, which supports average
transmission rates of 0.5 Mbps with peaks of 1.5 Mbps in order to support the interception of home and office targets

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