Audio Surveillance 2
  Cell Phone Memory Buster (restricted)
Developed in cooperation with Forensic Science Service (FSSŪ), the Cell phone Memory Buster (CMB) is designed for the technically experienced forensic investigator who requires a comprehensive, compact and portable data extraction hardware solution for mobile devices.
  New Laser Ear & IR Audio Surveillance System (restricted)
The NEW Laser Ear laser microphone long range room monitoring system with additional IR audio surveillance stethoscope microphone can be easily deployed when undercover surveillance is needed and the operator is unable to enter & place the audio bug into the targeted room. The system allows...
  Communication Direction Finding System
The Communication Direction Finding system employs the proven pseudo-Doppler method, combined with statistical signal processing, to deliver a cost-effective, yet highly accurate DF solution for government, military, law enforcement and industrial applications. It can accurately find and pinpoint...
  Infinity Ear
Wireless audio surveillance with unlimited range. Works with any GSM wireless network. To begin surveillance, simply insert an active cell phone SIM card in the device then position the device at wherever you want to monitor and place a phone call to the number programmed in the SIM card...
  Infra-Red Transmitters
The transmission of audio is accomplished by invisible IR light, which cannot be detected with RF bug detectors. The GSS-IR Stethoscope can  pick up audio through walls, windows, doors, etc. by using a contact microphone and then transmit to specially designed receiver package...
  The Wireless Stethoscope Transmitter and Receiver Kit
Designed to allow one to listen remotely through doors, windows and walls by utilising up to 4 different stethoscope transmitters (2 supplied as standard) and transmit the audio to a receiver up to 300 metres away
The system offers digital quality audio and can be supplied with a needle...
  Wireless In-Ear Cellular Communicator
This invisible Micro Ear Piece is the cordless alternative to the standard wired earpiece. This earpiece cordlessly and virtually invisibly fits into the ear. It ensures completely covert reception that delivers a silent pick up from any transmitter and cellular phone. This enables you to...
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